Acne is the most common skin disease and affects 80% of all people at some time between age 11-30 years and up to 20% of all adults. For many people acne is a real problem. It's painful, distressing and embarrassing, and affects self esteem. There are numerous type of acne and acne scar treatment programs available. However, many of them are useless. The good news is effective treatments do exist, and should be started early because treating acne reduces the likelihood of acne leaving permanent scarring.

The good news is Acne can be successfully controlled with the Face It Today Acne Program. We specialize in the analysis and treatment of acne for all ages. We have 90% of our clients clear in less the 90 days. This Program will get your acne under control without Antibiotics, Accutane, and/or expensive Laser treatments.


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Our treatments are Safe, Effective, and Affordable

For acne sufferers, a one-size-fits-all solution or regimen is not enough; an ongoing relationship with an expert who knows your skin and how to monitor your home-care is the best way to get clear skin in the fastest possible way and to live without pimples, blemishes and the worries of acne.